April 13, 2011

Peanuts Halloween Poseable Figures!

Author: TerriR

Looks like Forever Fun Peanuts poseables will be in the Halloween seasonal aisle at CVS — and that’s not the biggest news. We’re rolling out all new figures in a new size! That’s right! Our Peanuts Halloween poseables are new sculpts in a new scale – comparable to the 3-3/4 action size in quality and detail.  We’ve been really busy keeping up with production schedules and working with sculptors and engineers to bring you the very best recreations of your favorite Peanuts™ characters.  The image below shows hard copies of the sculpts. The engineers are very busy working out the articulation.  I’ll post more once I see 1st test shots.

Keep checking back because Katie will be revealing more about the Peanuts Halloween poseables! She’s been at Round 2 for about a year, helping with the Forever Fun line. Yep, she having lots of FUN!


10 Responses to “Peanuts Halloween Poseable Figures!”

  1. paul Says:

    New scale? Are you abandoning the old scale?

  2. Vader129 Says:

    If this allow you to be creative with the figures in terms of adding new characters and adding diffrent seasons I think it a good move . I would assume that this will be the standard size moving forward. Can’t wait to see the big reveal

  3. Vader129 Says:

    Terri These will be in line with the Valentine Figures?

  4. TRDouble Says:

    Very cool! I love my current Peanuts, but I have felt for awhile that a reboot at the smaller scale could infuse new life into the line and license. I know the market is weak for it, but I would love to see some new playsets made. Also, I hope at this new scale, it does not preclude making more than just Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy and sometimes Sally. Especially since we got characters like Frieda, Franklin and Peppermint Patty in the larger scale. Even if you have to put them into a two pack every year with another one of the main characters, I would buy those to re-flesh out the Peanuts Gang!

  5. Vader129 Says:

    I’m kinda hoping that if the trend is the smaller figure that you do muti packs silimar to Chrstmas mini sets … Perhaps these sold we;l so this is why you are changing to smaller scale? Either way I hope tghis allows for diffrent figures … Perhaps we can finally see Thanksgiving Figures :)

  6. Vader129 Says:

    I know we will learn soon enough but I’m hoping that you can do sets.. Also perhaps included will be backgrounds … I could see a background for the Tree lot where Charlie Brown and Linus pick out the tree. Perhaps for Halloween a background of the room they have the party in … And of course the Pumpkin patch where the Great Pumpkin rises from… So many possible ideas…

  7. jprampolla Says:

    Hi Folks,

    That is really good news!!!!! Are these figures approximately the same size as the Charlie Brown Christmas mini clip-on figures? I seem to remember that they were about 3 1/4 tall, or at least Charlie Brown and Lucy were. At any rate, they would still be compatible with the Lionel Snoopy and Woodstock O27 handcar from 1991, and since they are not in Winter apparel, they would work for many seasons, especially “Great Pumpkin,” Forth of July, and Easter theme scenes with model trains. Really looking forward to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for doing this!!!!!!!!! Now all you need to do is convince the Lionel Trains Company to reissue that Snoopy handcar, or perhaps team up with another company that would do a Snoopy handcar, or perhaps do one yourselves. With your distribution network and manufacturing connections, I am sure it would be a profitable endeavor, either in O27 (traditional Lionel size track) or On30 (which is about O scale on HO gauge track).

    Also seems that the new figures would work with typical dollhouse scale furniture and buildings.

    Take care, Joe.

  8. Vader129 Says:

    I hope l that since these will be smaller that more assortment will be avaiable . Would also like to lesser charcters made such as Marcie , Patty, Fridea . I guess time will tell :)

  9. Vader129 Says:

    Not sure if you were awre of this but the Easter Figures from lastr were showing up at CVS store in PA. A friend of mine postede that he foumd the Snoppy figure at his CVS.. Tghis must be overstock from last year … Can’t wait to see the new line … Happy Easter

  10. Vader129 Says:

    When will we get any more infprmation on the new figures?

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